Academic Programs Office:

There are a number of scholarships available for students within the College of Natural Resources and Environment. Some are restricted to particular majors/options, while others are open to all students within the college. Some scholarships have need-based and/or merit-based restrictions and scholarship amounts vary. Available scholarships are listed below.

CNRE Scholarship Application Process

The Scholarship Gateway is now open for you to apply for scholarships within the university and the College of Natural Resources & Environment. Applications for scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic year are being submitted as follows.

To apply:

  • Go to University Scholarships and Financial Aid » General Scholarships
  • Follow the steps outlined in the User Guide:
    • First, log in to the scholarship gateway.
    • Enter your demographic information.
    • Next, go to the Main Menu. In the right column, click on Natural Resources and Environment Application. This will bring you to a page for our college, and you can provide the additional information requested on that page. Please be sure you provide information for all 6 of the items requested, and upload it as one document. You have until March 1, 2012 to complete your application.

Applications go into a general pool and are reviewed by CNRE department heads. Their recommendations are then forwarded to the academic dean for final review. Currently enrolled students selected to receive scholarships will be notified by early summer, typically by the end of June at the latest. Students accepted for Fall 2012 who are selected to receive a scholarship will be notified by late March.

Scholarships from other sources

CNRE students should also consider applying for financial aid and scholarships through the Virginia Tech office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid (USFA) at:

Additionally, there are quite a number of off-campus organizations that offer various types of scholarships. An overview of how to search for other scholarship opportunities.

If you have any questions about CNRE scholarships, contact Dr. Dean Stauffer in 138 Cheatham Hall, 540-231-5297,

Peggy and Hank Graeser congratulate Casey Holt and Ashlee Rudolph, the two recipients of the Bryan W. Graeser Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships Open To All CNRE Students

AE Jim Evans Forestry & Wildlife Research Scholarship
William O. Ross Scholarship
Dean's International Study Scholarship
Thomas H. Jones Scholarship
John D. Smith Scholarship
Jack Sheldon Scholarship
William M. Carter Memorial Scholarship
Honorable & Mrs. Shelton H. Short Memorial Scholarship
Richard B. Vasey Scholarship
Union Camp / Charitable Trust Scholarship Thomas M. Brooks Scholarship
Champion International Corporation Scholarship
Chesapeake Foundation Scholarship
Gray Lumber Company Scholarship
Charles J. Gose, Jr. Scholarship
Georgia Pacific Deans Fellowship
Fisheries And Wildlife Science Scholarships
Michael B. Wagner Memorial Scholarship
Thomas Jones Scholarship
Richard H. Cross, Jr. Scholarship
Martha Pennington Orth Memorial Scholarship
Dwight Chamberlain Wildlife Fellowship
Robert H. Giles, Jr. Scholarship
Class Of 1952 Wildlife Scholarship
Henry S. Mosby Scholarship
Burd S. Mcginnes Fellowship

Forest Resources And Environmental Conservation Scholarships

K. S. Rolston Memorial Ifo Scholarship
Herman W. Gabriel Scholarship
Richard Foster Urban Forestry Scholarship
Thomas A. Waldbridge Scholarship
Gretchen And Clyde Smith Scholarship
Robert S. Burrus Fellowship
Jeffrey A. Fuerst Scholarship
Peter P. Feret Scholarship
William J. Dann Fellowship
J. Russell Smith Fellowship
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Newbill Scholarship
George & Mary E. Ragsdale Scholarship

Geography Scholarships

Sidman P. Poole Scholarship

Wood Science And Forest Products Scholarships

Bryan W. Graeser Memorial Scholarship
E. G. Stern & J. Stern Fromberg Memorial Scholarship
Geza Ifju Scholarship
Morgan Lumber Company Management Team Scholarship
Steven A. Sinclair Scholarship
G. Scott Francis Scholarship
Victor Clay Barringer Scholarship
George & Mary E. Ragsdale Scholarship
Lora & Martin Kelly Family Scholarship

Annual Scholarships

The above listed scholarships are those supported by endowments, and are awarded to students each year. Other scholarships are funded on an annual basis and may or may not be offered each year, depending on the availability of funds. A list of Annual Scholarships follows.

Wood Science and Forest Products Annual Scholarships

Southeastern Dry Kiln Club
Anderson-Tully Lumber Companay Management Scholarship
Boehm-Madisen Lumber Company Scholarship
Columbia Forest Products Company Scholarship
Center For Forest Products Business
Frank Miller Lumber Company Freshman Scholarship
Hardwood Manufacturers Association Scholarship
Virginia Forest Products Association Scholarship
Wood Component Manufacturers Scholarship
Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc. Scholarship

Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation Annual Scholarships

Bartlett Tree Foundation


Contact the Academic Programs Office

For general questions, contact the following in the Academic Programs Office at 231-5482:

Dean Stauffer

Associate Dean of Academic Programs

Teresa Quesinberry

Academic Programs Specialist

Suzie Leslie

Coordinator, Undergraduate Advising

Cathy Barker

Student Services Coordinator Academic Programs