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Rien Visser

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Winter 2002/2003 Trip to New Zealand

Visser is on Sabbatical: Italy and New Zealand 2006/2007

"Welcome! to 'my website' within the Industrial Forestry Operations (IFO) program at Virginia Tech. The main purpose of this page is to link you to websites we have developed within our IFO program. The links on the right will take you to our Timber Harvesting (Logging) Machines and Systems, IFO Coop, Cable Yarding / Cable Logging and Stream Crossings websites. Below are links to faculty and staff that are active in the IFO program, followed by links to other pertinent information such as upcoming conferences and study abroad programs. Last are some personal travel photos to keep our international family updated.”

IFO Faculty and Staff

Dr. J. M. (Rien) Visser

Dr. Robert Shaffer (Extension)

Dr. Mike Aust (Wetland, soils, roads)

Dr. Steve Prisley (GIS, planning)

Scott Barrett - SHARP Logger Program

Tal Roberts - Technician, IFO Workshop

Tracey Sherman - Website development & administration

Other Pertinent Information

New Stuff! Austro2007: Forest Engineering Conference: October 2007

2005/2006 New Zealand Study Abroad Information