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Cherry Blossom over looking water with the Washington Monument in the distance Students moving pieces on a table map Two students on the Great Wall of China Students walking through a field in Xizhou Village, China. Two kids in a field pointing at a windmill
Climate change, energy policy, green building, urban development, land use and water quality, wildlife conservation and biodiversity protection, population growth, food security and public health — these are among the many complex and dynamic sustainability challenges facing today's world.

Sustainability requires innovation and leadership, on the part of public and private partners working together to solve complex problems at multiple scales. Our program emphasizes the need for effective partnerships involving interdisciplinary, multi-institutional, and cross-cultural collaboration among business, civil society, and government. Our students work in teams to develop solutions to real world problems. All aspects of the program—including coursework, the international residency, and capstone directed study projects—are designed to bring about institutional and policy change, as well as personal and cultural transformation.